How Civil Engineering In Indonesia

- Agustus 26, 2015
Civil engineering in Indonesia, can say nice and creative, many civil engineering graduate student working in companies abroad. but it is not any reason , to praise civil engineering in Indonesia. I am happy to studdy civil engineering in Indonesia.

All of the building construction purposes, bridges, irrigation, roads, may i learned while studying in Indonesia. Once i do not understand about civil engineering, but because i study hard , i understand the main purpose of studying civil engineering.
I have a dream to cuntinue their education overseas civil engineering. Because my goal in looking for the same thing it is distinct studies, Means i want to know ho to study abroad.

Why do i think so? because many building in abroad are unique and not in Indonesia. I think there different ways of learning with in Indonesia. Students in Indonesia should be able to learn independently and fin out for  themsevels how to solve a proplem, although sometimes involving professors as advisers.

The word of educasion is very expensive, so creative that have poured that one can not not have the funds to get an education.

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